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Gain relevant career experience

Work-based learning opportunities provide an opportunity for you to apply the things you learn in the classroom to the professional world.

Explore career interests

Work-based learning opportunities allow you to experience working in various job categories and organizations before committing to a career.

Build resume and portfolio

Future employers look for work-based learning opportunities on applicants' resumes when interviewing for full-time employment. Work-based learning opportunities shows potential employers that you have relevant experience.

Grow your professional network

Along with being able to network with co-workers at your work-based learning opportunity, you may have the chance to meet other career professionals. These connections could serve as professional references when applying for future careers.

Develop transferable skills

Transferable skills are those you can take from one career to another. Skills like communication, teamwork, organization and problem solving can be developed at work-based learning opportunities and then used in your career.

Gain full-time employment

Employers may use work-based learning opportunities as an extended interview. If they are impressed, they might offer you a full-time position!

Earn college credit

Schools may require students to complete an work-based learning opportunity in order to graduate. Just make sure that your opportunity meets the requirements.