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Why Hire an Intern?

Increase productivity

Interns can accomplish meaningful tasks and backburner projects.

Reduce recruiting costs

Internships can reduce direct recruiting costs. An intern turned employee will already be ahead of the learning curve in understanding your company's culture. Also, hiring an intern will reduce the chance of making a bad hiring decision because you will already be familiar with your intern's abilities.

Bring fresh, innovative perspectives

Interns can bring unique qualities to the table like tech savviness, objectivity and relevant academic knowledge.

Increase industry awareness

Interns serve as great ambassadors of your organization on campus by introducing other students to your company and/or industry. Also, interns may inform friends and family members of the work they are doing at your organization.

Offer management experience

Allowing an employee to supervise an intern is an effective way to provide management experience.

Increase diversity

Diverse workplaces possess a variety of experiences, perspectives, values and ideas.

And not to mention, hosting an intern is a rewarding experience. It is a great way to give back to your community because your company contributes to an intern's personal and professional development while helping to retain talent in Washington.