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Mission Statement

AWBI's Workforce Portal is the premier connection point for Washington State's employers who are looking to recruit the best talent of the next generation as well as students looking for the next education advancement that is the best match for their needs.

What is Washington Workforce Portal?

Washington Workforce Portal is a free workforce-based learning matching program managed by the Association of Washington Business Institute connecting employers, students, and educators.

Why become involved in a work-based learning program?

Workforce-based learning benefits both employers and students. For employers it offers a cost-effective opportunity to evaluate a potential future employee, a pipeline for candidates. access to students with special skills and/or knowledge and a way to gain short term talent to assist current employees.

For students it provides hands-on work experience, an opportunity to network with professionals in one's field of interest, and a chance to explore career options and develop transferable skills.

How we can help

Visit our Student, Employer, and Educator pages to learn more about how we can assist you.