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Category: Business, Management and Administration

Type: Internship

Location: In-Person in Olympia

Application Deadline: May. 20, 2024

Starts: May. 27, 2024

Available Positions: 1

Salary Range: $18.00 - $20.00

Hours Per Week: 15 - 20

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time

Available Days of the Week

  • Monday - Preferred
  • Tuesday - Flexible
  • Wednesday - Flexible
  • Thursday - Flexible
  • Friday - Flexible


Position:  Washington Workforce Portal Intern 

Supervision:  Reports to AWB Institute Program Manager 

Location:  Association of Washington Business Office in Olympia,  WA 

Start/End Date:  January 2024 -  March 2024 (flexible) 

Compensation:  $18 -  $20 per hour 

Schedule:  Part-time,  20 hours per week (flexible) 

Position Purpose 

The Association of Washington Business Institute is looking for an intern to assist  with our work-based learning  matching program,  the Washington Workforce Portal.   The ideal candidate  will have experience working in an office settingbe enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in business administration,  education,  public administration,  communications,  marketing,  or other relevant degree program,  and have a desire to learn how to developgrow,  and manage work-based learning programs and initiatives.  The Washington Workforce Portal Intern will help support the Institute’s goals for the portal by engaging in Washington Workforce Portal related promotional events,  drafting/editing portal  email blasts,  gathering  portal analytics,  managing social media posts

Intern will be a critical partner in achieving the following objectives: 

  • Strengthening the private sector expansion of internships and work-based learning experiences utilizing the Washington Workforce Portal in collaboration with local career technical colleges in Spokane,  Tacoma,  Vancouver,  Olympia and Tri-Cities while also providing mid-year feedback from local partner sites. 
  • Expanding the Washington Workforce Portal to new communities by June 30,  2024,  and document feedback from these sites to inform stakeholders how the Washington Workforce Portal can be scaled state-wide in subsequent years. 
  • Creating and implementing an effective Student/Employer Evaluation process within the Washington Workforce Portal that can be tracked on the administrative side of the portal.


Job Duties (including but not limited to) 

  • Helping the Program Manger to coordinate/schedule Washington Workforce Portal virtual workshop sessions with our chamber partners. 
  • Working to expand the Institue’s and Washington Workforce Portal’s social media presence by highlighting relevant workforce development programs/events/opportunities.  
  • Brainstorming with the Program Manger on ways to elevate the Institute’s website and assisting with auditing dated pages/language. 
  • Writing and editing blog posts for the Washington Workforce Portal site.
  • Creating and editing email templates for automated emails pertaining to user activity on the Washington Workforce Portal.
  • Documenting the progress of Washington Workforce Portal goals and objectives thoroughly and consistently. 
  • Working with the Program Manager on the creation and implementation of a new Student and Employer Evaluation feature in the Washington Workforce Portal.
  • Gathering,  sorting,  and articulating relevant data/metrics/feedback pertaining to the Washington Workforce Portal to support workforce development initiatives and objectives. 

Internship Goals &  Outcomes 

To successfully and meaningfully complete the internship,  the intern is required to create a list of measurable and attainable goals that they will work to achieve during the course of the internship.  These goals can be used to fulfill educational program requirements and should provide you with confidence to enter the workforce.  

Work with both your supervisor and faculty advisor to identify goals in the following areas: 

  • Academic learning:  These goals relate to applying knowledge from training or a classroom. 
  • Career development:  These goals involve learning duties and qualifications of a career to explore interest in that field.
  • Skill development:  These goals involve building an understanding of industry knowledge and skills.
  • Professional development:  These goals focus on learning skills and best practices that will help you to develop your career and build connections within industry. 

The intern will record these goals at the beginning of the internship and revisit the progress of the goals halfway through completing their internship experience.  They should work with their supervisor on discussing their progress and performance throughout the internship to ensure that they are on track to fulfilling their internship goals and receiving any help/support that they need to fulfill said goals.  At the end of the internship,  the student should reflect on their internship goals and meet with their supervisor and faculty mentor to discuss their internship experience,  skills that they learned,  challenges they may have faced,  and the overall completion status of their goals.  


  • Excellent organizational skills,  ability to work under deadline pressure,  dedication to quality,  and ability to work independently and as part of a team.   
  • Ability to work with other team members to achieve challenging team objectives and goals and individual objectives and goals.
  • Strong workplace behaviors such as arriving on time,  arriving prepared,  maintaining openness to learning,  and accepting and using constructive feedback effectively. 

Both a resume and a cover letter are required to apply.  Please include a list of any proposed internship goals with your application as well.