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Camas, WA   98607


About CID Bio-Science

About CID Bio-Science

With instruments featured in over 2,000 peer reviewed research papers,  CID Bio-Science boasts 30 years of experience in developing field instruments for plant researchers.  The Camas,  Washington-based company is highly regarded in the academic community as a manufacturer of portable,  precise instruments helping the environmental,  climate,  and biology-focused researchers gather data in their areas of study.


About Felix Instruments

Felix Instruments brings “big data”  and AI to agriculture.  Felix designs and builds measurement tools that help produce growers get to market sooner with a higher quality,  more consistent product and post-harvest operations reduce waste and spoilage.  Its core product lines focus on post-harvest gas analysis and pre-harvest near infrared analysis of dry matter and fruit quality.  With its tools,  Felix globally supplies universities,  governmental organizations and commercial operations with more innovative ways to collect and use their data.


About Interscan Corporation

Interscan Corporation,  established in 1975,  is a leading global provider of specialized toxic gas detection instruments. With a reputation for delivering top-notch customized engineering solutions,  Interscan sets itself apart from the competition in a sea of generic products.  The company’s commitment to tailored products and quality craftsmanship has earned them worldwide recognition as the preferred choice for clients with specific requirements.

Interscan’s unwavering dedication to providing personalized equipment underscores their position as a top-tier provider in the industry.  With a long-standing history of excellence,  Interscan continues to innovate and provide unparalleled service to their valued clients

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