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About Agriculture Development Group (Research), Inc.

Agriculture Development Group,  Inc.  (ADG)  was founded in 1998 to conduct independent research and provide consulting services to the agriculture industry.  The research farm is located 15 miles north of Pasco on 93 acres of highly productive farmland in the Columbia Basin.  With sandy loam soils and a hot dry climate,  this area provides ideal growing conditions for over 100 crops.  ADG also has a second research station in Western Washington,  as well as a research location in Wenatchee with a focus on tree fruit. 

ADG has conducted research trials on nearly every major and minor crop grown in Washington.  Approximately 75%  of ADG research trials in 2023 focused on pest management of insects,  nematodes,  weeds,  or diseases,  20%  of research trials were focused on fertility research,  and 5%  of trials involved varietal evaluations and other types of agronomic research.  Research can be conducted using center pivot,  drip,  rill,  or solid set irrigation.  The ADG team consists of Ph.D.  scientists in the research areas of horticulture,  weed science,  entomology,  and plant pathology.

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