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Category: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Type: Internship

Location: In-Person in Richland

Application Deadline: May. 6, 2024

Starts: May. 6, 2024

Available Positions: 10

Salary Range: $16.28 - $36.95

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Job Responsibilities/Duties
The Summer Internship Program at Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)  provides professional development opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience on the Hanford Site,  located in Southeastern Washington state.  Hanford was established to produce the world’s first atomic bomb in the Second World War and continued producing plutonium for the Cold War efforts from 1945 to 1991.  WRPS’  mission is to safely handle the byproduct of this massive operation,  to ensure a clean environment for future generations.

Summer Internships are paid and are 10 to 12 weeks in duration.  Interns must hire and onboard no later than June 24,  2024.  The work location is Richland,  WA,  either in town or on the Hanford site (30 miles away).  Housing and transportation are not provided.  Lodging and transportation recommendations for the Tri-Cities will be provided upon request.

Enivronmental Intern opportunities are available in support of Environmental,  Safety,  Health and Quality (ESH&Q)  and may include the following fields of study,  Environmental Science,  Science,  Health Physics,  Safety,  Industrial Hygiene,  Occupational Health and Safety,  and Quality Assurance.  Selected Interns will partner with Subject Matter Experts (SME),  mentors and other staff in the following ESH&Q organizations including,  but not limited to:

Environmental Protection
Developing regulatory strategies to support the Tank Operations Contract (TOC)  mission,  integrating regulatory activities within the TOC,  performing cross-cutting environmental functions,  providing environmental resources and services to the Integrated Project Teams (IPTs),  managing regulatory and Tri-Party Agreement (TPA)  commitments and negotiations with the client and regulators,  coordinating with corporate environmental programs,  conducting Performance Assessments,  and representing TOC in site-wide strategic initiatives.

Industrial Safety
Interpreting authority for industrial safety,  occupational medicine,  fire protection,  case management,  and other safety and health programs.

Security &  Emergency Services
Ensuring compliance with safeguards/security requirements and emergency preparedness.  In addition,  the team trains an Emergency Response Organization at each facility to respond to emergency events that could occur.  They develop and maintain emergency response procedures,  plans,  hazard assessments,  and conduct Emergency Preparedness drills to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and to ensure the emergency readiness of each facility.

Radiological Controls
Managing the Radiological Control program,  including safety related performance measures and indicators,  policies and procedures,  radiation protection program,  as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA)  program and reporting,  ionizing radiation dosimetry and instrumentation services.

Industrial Hygiene
Development and management of the asbestos,  beryllium,  thermal stress,  monitoring/sampling,  assessment oversight,  Safety and Health training,  indoor air quality,  occupational noise,  professional development,  chemical exposure assessment &  management and the ergonomic programs.

Quality Assurance
Ensuring project success and improvement through independent assessment,  surveillance,  and inspection,  as well as,  assisting project personnel to successfully implement the Quality Assurance Program Description (QAPD).  Implementation of the QAPD is essential for TOC to successfully carry out the mission of safely storing tank waste and reducing the risk it poses to the environment until it can be prepared for disposal.  Software Quality Assurance (QA)  is a means of monitoring the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure proper quality.  Software QA Engineers perform oversight of the software life cycle,  including planning,  design,  and testing of software.

Specific project scope will be identified in interviews.

WRPS promotes equal employment opportunities to all participants based upon their training,  performance,  experience and overall qualifications.  Maintaining a workforce that represents a cultural diversity is a core strategic objective at WRPS.  WRPS fosters a work environment where employees recognize,  appreciate,  respect,  and value winning contributions of all people,  regardless of their differences.


Required Qualifications
*U.S.  Citizenship.
*Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale).
*At least 18 years of age.
*Enrolled in a degree program that relates to WRPS work,  with emphasis in specific disciplines that supports the cleanup mission and is relevant to the field of study.
*Enrolled as a full-time student (12+  credit hours)  during the three quarters or two semesters immediately preceding the start of the internship.

Desired Qualifications
Depending on the nature of your employment with WRPS,  you can expect the following:
-  A business casual dress work environment:  jeans are permissible (restrictions may apply).
-  Opportunity for work/life balance:  a standard 4 x 10 work schedule,  allowing more personal time to enjoy life outside of the office (other schedules and/or shift work may be required).
-  Many positions (non-bargaining)  that allow for a hybrid work environment,  a combination of in-office and telework (restrictions may apply).

Compensation &  Benefits
Hourly Rate/Range:
*Freshman -  $16.28
*Sophomore -  $18.20 to $22.85
*Junior -  $20.002 to $36.950
*Senior -  $23.602 to $36.950

WRPS considers a candidate’s discipline of study as it relates to the position being filled and current academic standing when determining hiring rate.  Note a candidate’s prior salary history will not be taken into consideration.

In accordance with the Service Contract Act,  this position is also eligible for the health &  welfare wage adder of up to $4.41 per hour.