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Category: Manufacturing

Type: Job Shadowing

Location: Tacoma

Starts: Jun. 20, 2022

Available Positions: 2

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Polymer Industries is currently accepting applications for general laborers.  Opportunities exist to learn machining techniques,  as well as production,  table saw,  planing and extrusion processes.


Job Summary

Responsible for performing production work.  Starts,  operates,  tends,  stops,  and cleans machines.  Assembles finished product.  Inspects product to ensure high quality.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Start up and stop equipment.
  2. Clean production area.
  3. Sweep,  and remove debris.
  4. Load and unload items from machines,  stack on pallet.
  5. Feed or place items onto equipment for processing.
  6. Measure and pour ingredients.
  7. Ensure conformance to specifications.
  8. Mark parts for identification.
  9. Measure length of extruded article.
  10. Remove product and machine attachments.
  11. Read and interpret gauges.
  12. Record data.
  13. Ship finished products.
  14. Pour materials into machine hopper.
  15. Take instructions from supervisors.


No previous experience needed

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