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Category: Health Science

Type: Job Shadowing

Location: In-Person in Kennewick

Starts: Sep. 20, 2021

Available Positions: 10

 Full Time
 Part Time


Healthcare volunteers needed to help in American Red Cross Shelters.  With predictions for a very active hurricane and wildfire season,  disaster victims need your expert care and comfort.  Training is free and CE credit is available.  For those able to travel outside of their local area,  a commitment of at least 10 consecutive days,  with shifts of 8 or 12 hours each (we’ll cover travel,  food,  and accommodations).Β   It’s the hardest job you will ever love!  To apply click link


Duties include assisting clients with activities of daily living,  providing health education and helping to replace medications,  durable medical equipment or consumable medical supplies.  Daily observation and health screening for COVID-19-like illness among shelter residents may also be required.Β 

Healthcare students may participate in a local shelter setting,  during preparedness or readiness activities under direct RN supervision.  To apply click link


  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Valid Driver’s License (required for Divisional and National Deployments)
  • Willing and able to volunteer in person in a disaster shelter before,  during and/or after a disaster event
  • Available to sign up for shifts on consecutive days (shifts may be 8 or 12 hours long)
  • Willing to complete 9 hours of virtual self-paced and instructor-led training required for position
  • Ability to read,  write,  and follow verbal and written instructions in English

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