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Category: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Type: Standard

Location: Richland

Starts: May. 10, 2021

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Hanford was established to produce the world’s first atomic bomb in the Second World War and continued producing plutonium for the Cold War efforts from 1945 to 1991.  Washington River Protection Solutions’  mission is to safely handle the byproduct of this massive operation,  to ensure a clean environment for future generations. 

Internships are paid and are 10 to 12 weeks in duration.  Interns must hire and onboard no later than June 28,  2021.  Housing and transportation are not provided.  The 2021 Internship program will require telework.  All interns must perform work/telework from a physical location in the state of Washington.

Lodging and transportation recommendations for the Tri-Cities will be provided upon request.

The Internship Program at Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)  provides professional development opportunities for students to gain valuable work experience on the Hanford Site,  located in Southeastern Washington state.  Opportunities are available to support integrated technical solutions to the complex challenges of the Tank Operations Contract (TOC).  Engineering disciplines include:  process,  mechanical,  civil,  chemical,  structural,  electrical,  control systems and nuclear safety engineering;  as well as advanced specialties such as Safety Instrumented Systems,  Software Engineering,  Process Information Management and Tank Farm Automation.  Selected Interns will partner with Subject Matter Experts (SME)  (mentors)  and other staff in the following Engineering organizations including,  but not limited to:

Design Engineering
Providing in-house design engineering support to Production Operations,  Single Shell Tank (SST)  Retrievals and Tank Farm Projects.  It is responsible for oversight of design execution and change control and drawing configuration control for the TOC and owns the associated procedures.  Design Engineering is also responsible for Procurement Engineering and supports implementation of the Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)  process.

Tank Farms Projects &  Direct Feed Low Activity Waste (DFLAW)  Engineering
Provides a variety of engineering services in support of Tank Farm infrastructure projects and ensures proper implementation of engineering requirements from the TOC functional Engineering organization.  It also provides review,  integration and execution of the technical aspects associated with integrity and fitness-for-service programs covering the Double Shell Tank (DST),  SST,  Waste Transfer,  242-A,  Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF)  and ancillary facilities or systems.  It provides a central engineering overview of the conditions and operations pertaining to the corrosion control program and maintaining the long term health of systems necessary to support the Tank Farm mission.

Process &  Integrity Engineering
Supports safe and compliant TOC operations through:  providing technical integration among Process Engineering,  Tank Waste Characterization,  and Mission Analysis Engineering with Mission Integration and Technology Development managers and TOC Operations managers;  evaluating Production Operations and Retrieval activities to ensure consistency with the River Protection Project (RPP)  System Plan and comply with Safety Basis,  Environmental and Operational requirements;  and providing process leadership to Production Operations to plan waste transfers,  retrievals and evaporator campaigns;  providing process leadership to other areas of the company and special task teams in support of mission objectives.

Process &  Control System (P&CS)  Engineering
Responsible for design,  development,  and day-to-day oversight of process control computer systems and process software applications used to support the TOC mission.

Production Operations Engineering
Provides a variety of engineering services in support of the operation and maintenance of TOC facilities and ensuring proper implementation of engineering requirements,  including:  developing inputs,  assumptions and design criteria for tank farm facility modifications;  administrating the System Engineering program and providing Cognizant System Engineering (CSE)  and Shift Technical Engineer (STE)  support to facilities;  providing resident waste transfer and characterization technical expertise and facility knowledge in support of operability determinations,  performance monitoring program,  centralized resolution of Structures,  Systems,  and Components (SSC)  performance problems;  and providing Maintenance Engineering support. 

WRPS promotes equal employment opportunities to all participants based upon their training,  performance,  experience and overall qualifications.  Maintaining a workforce that represents a cultural diversity is a core strategic objective at WRPS.  WRPS fosters a work environment where employees recognize,  appreciate,  respect,  and value winning contributions of all people,  regardless of their differences. <!—END Issue 16938—> 

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U.S.  Citizenship 
Minimum GPA of 2.5 
At least 18 years of age 
At least three quarters or two semesters of college education completed prior to the internship. 
Enrolled as a full-time student (12+  credit hours)  during the three quarters or two semesters immediately preceding the start of the internship.                                                                              

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