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Category: Business, Management and Administration

Type: Standard


Starts: Aug. 12, 2020

$ Paid
 Full Time
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CIBE Consultant Consulting Analysis Internship with the Center for Innovation Business &  Entrepreneurship is an on-campus 15-20 hour-per-week consulting and business engagement position. 

CIBE Consultants play a substantial role on multiple client teams across a wide range of industries.  In this setting,  you will learn quickly and be exposed to diverse business issues,  gaining the experience to lead key client engagements.  Responsibilities include building client relationships,  integrating datasets for use in analysis,  and executing analyses that drive high-value decisions.

You will help senior executives of consumer-facing organizations make decisions that can drive increased profits and attainment of non-profit goals.

Applicants must have completed the BIP Summer Internship or have previously worked as a CIBE Consultant during the 2018-19 or 2019-20 academic year.

This is an opportunity for students to apply their previously developed skills in a real-life office environment.  Working in small groups of students and with an alumni mentor,  and will be assigned a real-world problem facing a local business or non-profit.

Over the course of one or two semesters,  the Consultants work to innovate new approaches to solve the problem.   


  • Work as part of the small team to impact innovation and change in organizations.
  • Use technology and prescribed methodologies to track and measure impact.
  • Use critical thinking,  analysis,  and problem-solving skills and methodologies to develop root-cause solutions.
  • Create and present findings and reports to stakeholders and key constituents.


  • Strong record of academic achievement and a clear demonstration of leadership in a work,  academic,  and/or extracurricular setting
  • Ability to identify opportunities for growth and subsequently take a leadership role in exploring new ideas
  • Proven experience in applying well-developed problem-solving skills (quantitative,  conceptual,  analytical)
  • Comfortable with significant client interaction and interest in building relationships
  • Strong interest in and passion for coaching or mentoring others
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively,  both verbally and in writing,

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